Decorative Unfinished Cabinet Doors

When finishing or remodeling a kitchen, many people are looking at the options for personalizing their cabinets, include the cabinet door. Unfinished cabinet doors are a great way to add custom stains, colors or design options to a kitchen to make them unique. The face frames and doors of an unfinished kitchen cabinet are left as pure wood. And the sides and watches of the box are also so custom designs can be added.

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The boxing of an unfinished kitchen cabinet can be made of different materials, depending on the manufacturer. What is usually the cheapest cabinets can have particleboard sides, easily recognized by the lack of a distinctive tree pattern or grain. Other manufacturers can fine-tune the sides of particleboard with a thin plywood board. The more expensive cabinets can have an all-plywood construction, bounded by the characteristic wood grain on the sides, and the visible layers of boards from a top-down view of unfinished kitchen cabinet.

Ikea Cabinet Doors On Existing Cabinets

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At the case, Oregon Pine Cabinets make your interior look rustic, as if your home was actually located on the edge of a forest of a quiet lake. Pine is a strong tree with a tight grain and is ideal for building cabinets, although often on the expensive side. So, if you have unfinished kitchen cabinets doors that you wish were made of pine but not, you can still stain the cabinets to make them look like lighthouses in color and composition.


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